Commercial: GD Concrete and Construction


GD Concrete and Construction is a client-oriented construction firm and deals with customised construction, disaster recovery and reconstruction, correct violations, renovation, repair and maintenance of buildings. Our team is implementing better ways to built buildings through proper collaborative work planning, framing quality check system, ensuring safety and environmental compliance and continuous review of lessons learned from best practices. With the flexibility to various delivery methods for your project, we are here to assist you with any or all services oriented to building construction and management. The company services include but not limited to:


• Earthworks

• RCC, Concrete and Civil Works

• Precast Concrete

• Structural Steel Work

• Tiling, Brick Work & Stone Work

• Wood Work (Including Wooden Doors and Windows)

• Doors and Windows Fittings

• AFC Walls

• Flooring

• Plastering

• Painting

• PVC Works

• Water Supply and Sewage Works

• Grouting & Specialist Works

• Roofing, Water Proofing and Damp Prevention in Buildings

• Thermal and Sound Insulation of Buildings


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