People Culture and Commitment

"We want all the people who work with us, our clients, staff and delivery partners not for one project but for life".



People are the heartbeat of any business. We devote considerable resource into developing skills and life-long learning. Our project teams are highly motivated and committed to producing the best outcome however big the challenge. They have the experience, knowledge and management capability to match the highest expectation.

We believe in investing in our staff throughout their career all the while building confidence and capability in parallel. Our teams know that management support is only a telephone call away, and our directors are regular visitors to our project sites, this level of involvement by senior management reinforces a consistent message that we care about our people.

Our clients and partners have grown used to seeing familiar faces in GD Construction, although with the continuous growth of the company, we promote new blood in our team. We ensure that our long-standing ones mentor these new employees through the early stages of their employment. This assists in building their confidence in our system and processes thus enabling them to acclimatise to their new environment and ensures that there is always someone to ask a question to or share their concerns.

Our people are our reputation, the company stands on the platform of industry leaders because of their efforts, and so we ensure that they always have a voice. If we have happy employees, quality and excellent work delivery naturally follow. At every level, we provide our diverse workforce with opportunity, challenge and respect, after all, we realise our success is directly attributable to them.

Our commitment to regular training is absolute. GD Construction provides a vehicle for a planned and consistent approach to procurement of suitable courses and the opportunity for every member of our workforce to up-skill.
For our clients, this brings significant benefits and an added confidence in our ability to achieve the highest quality in project delivery, safety standards and performance.


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